Friday, August 19, 2016

Shocking! How Fox News could fix Obamacare and save the brain-damaged dying Hillary Clinton

Modern right wing nut jobs are Masters of watching video. It's really their only marketable skill, watching tv. They've turned sitting on their expansive behinds, watching events happen hundreds of miles away from them, and then taking to the radio and internet to uncover the conspiracy, into an artform! All without leaving the comforts of home.

In the past, they've had spectacular successes, like when right-wingers debunked the Sandy Hook massacre; as completely made up and no children or adults died that day. Conservatives were able to stave off Obama's Gun Grab and saved the Republic! Now, right-wingers, led by Breitbart, have uncovered the shocking truth! Hillary Clinton is on death's door from various multiple brain injuries.

It's just fascinating how conservatives with no medical training can make detailed medical diagnoses via youtube video clips and from watching Sean Hannity. This is a criminally untapped medical resource! No longer do we have to wear the shackles of Obamacare! Just post a video on-line and right-wing nut jobs will provide you the diagnosis of your illness! The American People will save millions of dollars in medical expenses!

Of course, when it comes to HRC, the spot-on diagnosis of her brain damage unfortunately don't confine themselves to just a dispassionate Hippocratic analysis but, venture into the realm of death wish magic.

Conservatives can't help themselves wishing their enemies die. It's who they are and how they act. Conservatives seethe with anger and are nought but, violent balls of rage, waiting to unleash their fury on those who've stolen America from its' rightful owners; the white conservative male.

As the right-wing incestuous internet fills up with thousands of articles and videos about HRC, including the Trump Campaign claiming she has brain damage, it appears conservatives are all in on the HRC is brain-damaged as well as evil incarnate.

Is it a winning strategy?

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Trump's Russian Friends just hacked the NSA. Trump's Treason.

A few weeks ago Donald Trump requested his Russian overlords hack into the U.S. Government, and now it appears Vladimir Putin and the KGB* have just done it, in a cyberattack on the NSA and United States.

Ivanka Trump was recently with Wendi Deng, a communist Chinese Spy who had previously been tasked with manipulating Rupert Murdoch and Americans through Faux News. However, Deng was acting as an arranger for the Russian Government in facilitating meetings between Ivanka and Russian agents in Croatia to pass along further instructions from the Russian Government to her father, Donald  Trump.

Donald Trump is the puppet of Putin and, a not-so-clandestine, agent of the Russian Government. It is now incontrovertible that Donald Trump is purposefully working for the Russian Government, most likely to destroy the United States, probably in replayment for the millions the Russians and Putin have loaned him.

Conservatives and The Republican Party are aiding former Soviet Agents and a foreign Government to subvert the United States of America. It appears, Donald Trump and conservatives are wittingly or unwittingly enemies of the Nation.

Personally, I'm not shocked Trump has invited a Foreign Power to subvert America; screwing Americans over has been Trump's modus operandi for almost 40 years. Now, that he's questing for the Brass Ring

*- Yes, I know the KGB has been replaced by the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service and Federal Security Service.

Monday, August 15, 2016

Police Injustice, the Policing System is working as Designed

Lost amongst the Trump-led GOPdammerung, the Dept of Justice released a depressing report on the state of policing in Baltimore. That report has been coupled with two more Police Shootings of young black males, one in Chicago and one in Milwaukee.

Now, the Milwaukee shooting appears to have been lawful, a "good shoot", but, criminals took advantage of the tensions and engaged in assaults and vandalism using the shooting as a pretext. The Chicago shooting is more complex and does not appear to be a "good shot" at this time.

It appears that young black men need to re-learn the lesson their fathers, uncles, and grandfathers learned;
"You need to understand that there are two gangs in the projects. The police are also a gang but they really have the power. I mean, these n* run around with money and cars, but at any moment the cops can get them off the street. Never, never, never piss off the police." -Sudhir Venkatesh recounts a discussion with "Autry" in Gang Leader for a Day (pg. 239)
The system of Policing in America is working as intended. Modern Police Departments were created during the 19th century to deal with 3 changing factors in America; 1) the growth of cities due to Industrialization, 2) the influx of immigrants from new nations, 3) the end of slavery and the Black exodus. Thus, a system needed to be created to deal with problems that original Sheriff's were not designed to handle; to control, disenfranchise, and ghettoize undesireables. To accomplish this it is not necessary that every Police Officer be racist. It is, in fact, desireable for the majority to be color-blind.

Every shooting is not done by a Bocephus white slave master racist cop but, that's what makes the rigged system work. The system by being generally good and staffed by lawful, honorable people creates a space for a bad element to exist and operate. Humans have a difficult time processing issues related to large, anonymous systems. It's too much. An individual bad actor or department can be identified and dealt with but, the system of control which has been created, and feed for centuries works in the background grinding out victims without being addressed.

Overall, the quality of modern police officers is very high but, that's a lie of statistics. In a Nation of 320 Million any one death is a insignificant blip, but such a calculus is used by those who do not suffer from the system.

Ferguson, Missouri two years ago became a microcosm of the harshness of the system. Michael Brown, got into an altercation at a gas station over a pack of swisher sweets, of which, Darren Wilson was unaware.

The altercation between Wilson and Brown at the door of the squad SUV and into the street without video evidence can never be properly reconstructed and one eye witness account will nver be heard but, right-wingers didn't feel comfortable with the known facts and had to start adding elements that were untrue. Conservatives sites claimed Wilson suffered a broken orbital bone from the "beating" he took and Faux News and the right-wing internet ran with the wholly untrue "diary" of Witness 40 to describe the final interaction and last shots fired at Brown.

But, when the Dept of Justice released the report which showed the Ferguson PD had been transformed from Officers into revenue generators to fill budget gaps that received little fanfare. Police Departments have been monitized over the last few decades as villages and cities have had to deal with declining budgets.

On top of turning Police Officers into tax collectors "Broken Windows" Theory has been in place for years. Broken Windows hypothesized that by cracking down on every minor infraction major crime would be detered. Additionally, "Stop & Frisk" and the War on Drugs turned policing from protect and serve into halt and harass.

Taken together, these had the effect of turning LEOs into occupying force, while other factors, the availability of high-powered firearms and long guns have led to a Paramilitary police look and mentality.

The recent Chicago Police shooting of an escaping car thief, and the mentality that led to the long altercation and not split-second decision was neatly avoided, while Chicago police bloggers who blamed both Mayor Rahm and Daley for cutting the training budget. Other anonymous LEOs joined in by saying lack of training was the problem.

This is part and parcel of the system. Bad shoots can be blamed on a lack of training or stress from working conditions and not from the violence/control/dehumanization inherent in the system. But, if these aren't enough to cover the bad shoot, then the character/criminal history of the suspect becomes pertinent and subtle lies can be added to the narrative.

Conservatives have been conditioned by right-wing toxic talk radio, Faux News, and the incestuous right-wing internet sites to reflexively blame all members of the maligned group. After every incident if the perpetrator is black, all members of the black community or #blacklivesmatter are guilty, if the offender is a muslim, all of islam is responsible, if the immigrant is hispanic, he's illegal.

Also, as conservatives have been trained to focus all their ire onto President Obama, every shooting in Chicago, every riot in Milwaukee becomes his fault. Additionally, since they ascribe to President Obama tyrannical powers they demand he turn those powers onto #blm and uniltaerally declare the organization a "terrorist group".

The arguments around #blm today are eeriely similar to those made about the Civil Rights Era; act responsibiliy, don't be so militant, don't do things which cause people to be annoyed or inconvenienced by you and eventually we'll get around to your concerns.

It wasn't until blacks began causing damage to property, in response to police shootings of black men that the media and conservatives began to pay attention. Of course, conservatives immediately called for violence against any and all black people and began demanding shoot-on-sight orders for looters.

Of course, it's hard to take conservatives seriously when they cry and moan about private property damage seeing as they venerate the Boston Tea Party as a near-Holy Event.

But, during the Civil Rights Era, black leaders knew they needed an unassailable champions to be the vanguard of the movement, that even the whiff of impropreity would be the wedge conservatives needed to discredit them and get sentiment against them.

While, the young black men killed in recent years have not be paragons of justice and untainted by criminal backgrounds, society in general and the black community have witnessed numerous incidents of #crimingwhilewhite, in which a white suspect has not been killed by Police and the treatment of President Obama, have created the perception that it doesn't matter what blacks do, because conservatives consider them criminal a priori and right-wing media will spare no effort slandering and smearing the dead black person.

To conservatives no police shooting of a black person is ever bad. No black person has ever been denied his constitutional rights, his right to due process, his right to be free of unlawful search and sezuire. Conservatives believe every black person is a criminal who just hasn't been caught yet.

Saturday, August 13, 2016

What a Country! Trump is in bed with Putin and his daughters! Updated: Now with more Paul Manafort

I mean this literally... No, I'm just joking... Or, am I? No, no, no it's sarcasm... Actually, it's the truth Trump has, most likely, sexually abused his daughters.

But, Trump's sordid past and criminal actions against his daughters will never be properly investigated because of Donald's mafia ties in New York. So, we'll just have his inappropriate actions and comments in public which clearly indicate his decades long criminal sexual abuse.

But, why won't Trump release his tax returns? Well, for one thing because it will show he's cash poor but, more devastaingly it will highlight how Trump is Putin's lapdog.

After American investors, banks, companies, and his own employees learned that Trump doesn't pay his debts they stopped doing business with him. But, Vladimir Putin knows a shrewd investment and he bought himself an all-American loudmouth.

Because remember Trump assured America, Putin and Russia aren't going into the Ukraine, despite having invaded the Ukraine and annexing the Crimea 2 years ago.

Of course, even worse than Trump's subservience to Putin and Russia, Trump also doesn't want details of the organizations he's made charitable donations too. Because Trump didn't donate to any Veterans or 9/11 1st responders charities but, has made significant contributions to NAMBLA. This is evidenced by Trump's fellow pedophile Mark Foley, former Republican Congressman, being in seated in a place of honor directly behind Trump at his rallies.

And so conservatives and evangelicals have jettisoned all semblance of respectability and their so-called values, to allow themselves to be bought cheaply by a tacky, foreign owned con-artist.

Oops, Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort didn't know ledgers were being kept detailing the millions of dollars he was being paid to be a Russian Stooge! So, how much money did Manafort help funnel to Trump from Putin? 10 times as much as he was paid to be Trump's handler? More?

It's especially delicious that former/current Trump aide Corey Lewandowski apparently stuck the shiv in Manafort, revealing further evidence that Trump is Putin's bitch...

Thursday, August 11, 2016

President Huma Abedin will run the White House for the incapacitated HRC

The right-wing epistemically closed fart bubble internet is all a tizzy with solid unassailable proof that HRC has suffered multiple-strokes, has a traumatic brain injury, and is suffering grand mal seizures.

Now, anytime a conservative on-line posts anything, I would counsel skepticism since their posts are just a circle-jerk of incestuous cross-linking to each other. But, they have photos and Doctor's reports!!!

This amateur level forgery can't even pass a cursory inspection over the internet but, conservatives have perfected the art of lies and propaganda. Conservatives know by spraying their explosive diarrhea of lies, no matter how fast or how thoroughly they are debunked, enough right-wingers and inattentive Americans will unconsciously absorb them and reference them when a new scurrilous right-wing lie is promoted breathlessly. It's part of the Gish Gallop, tell as many lies as quickly as possible.

I wonder when their final break with reality occurred? When the final acceptance of lies, hallucinations, and delusional fever dreams took over conservatism? We can all place the dates of the spread of the infection; the 1950's John Birch Society, 1964 with Barry Goldwater's defense of lying, 1980 with Ronnie Raygun's terrorist regime, Newt Gingrich and the 1994 Republican Contract on America, the 5-4 theft of the 2000 Election from President Gore. But, I think the attacks on September 11 and the Debacle in Iraq and Afghanistan under the Republican controlled federal government pushed the right-wing nutjobs past critical mass and the 2008 election of President Barack Obama was the event horizon from which conservatives can never re-emerge.

Of course, this doesn't mean conservatives or elected Republicans will stop harming the Nation, Americans, or other peoples. In fact, knowing they've passed-the-point of no return has only emboldened conservatives to harm Americans as much and as frequently as possible.

We've seen Republicans in Flint, Michigan purposefully poison poor blacks knowing they would receive no pushback and would in fact be lauded by conservatives, who uniformly wish ill on the black community.

We've seen Republicans enact Religious Bigotry Laws to justify ostracizing and criminalizing oppressed Americans for the crime of being different.

We've witnessed Conservatives embrace White Power and prop up White Supremacy as one of the core values of the Republican Party.

But, the vitriol HRC illicits from Right-Wingers is a class unto itself. For 25 years they've spent countless hours, and penned millions of right-wing screeds demonizing this woman, spent millions pursuing fictitious scandals, and accused her of multiple murders, so that is why I'm voting for her. If conservatives, the enemy of mankind, the scum of the earth, and the villians of goodness and deceny, hate her; then she's the one I'm voting for President.

To add, conservatives are convinced Barack Obama stole the 2008 election with the help of Acorn and the 2012 elections with Skewed Polls, when Trump is destroyed and loses in 2016 what will they do? Already Hair Furor is setting the table by claiming the election to be rigged and his recent Assassination Tango was for a scenario when HRC had already beaten him and was picking SCOTUS Judges. So, when reality fails to comport with their active ignorance and violent stupidity how will right-wingers react?

Repost: ISIS is the unholy muslim lovechild of Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush

I originally posted this back on 03/09/15, I'm reposting this because Donald Trump is running with the standard right-wing orthodoxy that ISIS somehow was created ex nihilo once President Obama complied with the status of forces agreement signed by the Bush White House and extricated us from the Iraq War Crime.

Disaffected and it Feels So Good: ISIS is the unholy muslim lovechild of Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush

The opening: 

A recent picture meme going around Facebook showed an image of Ronnie Raygun with the block letters
"If I was President ISIS would be called WASWAS"
And thus we have another hilarious incident of conservative ignorance.

Of course, this is active stupidity on the part of Conservatives because when faced with Muslim Terror Attacks in Lebanon, Ronald Reagan disarmed the Marine Corps Guards at the Gate and let hundreds of US Service Members and Diplomatic Employees get blown apart in two seperate Truck Bomb Attacks which used the same tactics.

After Ronald Reagan cut-and-run in the face of danger, he gave birth to Al Qaeda. Today's ISIS is the current incarnation of Reagan's explicit creation of Al Qaeda grown, nutured and trained by George W. Bush and his Iraqi Adventure.

But, you can't expect Conservatives to know this history. Sarah Palin and other right-wing luminaries are paid to tell Conservatives that these Muslim Extremists were created ex nihlo. But, the rise of 20th Century Muslim Terrorism lays directly at the feet of the United States and the two worst Presidents to ever besmirch the White House; Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush.

And the Conclusion:

The Iraqi War is declared won by Republicans and Conservatives many times over during Bush's Presidency from Mission Accomplished on May 1, 2003 to Victory in Iraq Day Nov. 22, 2008 this despite a constant flow of U.S. killed and wounded and the hundreds of thousands of murdered Iraqis.

And throughout the Massive Failure, Bush smirks and jokes about missing WMDs, while US Troops are killed and hundreds of thousands are wounded; physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually and morally.

But, what does the Iraqi War succeed at spectacularly? The creation of a new generation of battle -hardened Muslim Extremists. Because, while Saddam was in power in Iraq the fanatics did not have a base of Operations but now thanks to the complete destabilizing of the region ISIS fanatics have training, experience, weaponry and recruits aplenty.

So, that's ISIS, the unholy love child of Ronald Reagan and W(orst President Ever) and if conservatives want to the United States to re-invade and fight them? Well, there are local recruiting offices throughout the country.

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Trump calls for "Second Amendment People" to assassinate Hillary Clinton

Right now, all across the Nation, conservatives are rushing to the ramparts (Internet Ramparts that is, right-wingers don't have the stones to actually defend the country) to defend Donald Trump, who called for the assassination of Hillary Clinton.
"Hillary wants to abolish, essentially abolish the Second Amendment. If she gets to pick her judges, nothing you can do, folks. Although the Second Amendment people, maybe there is. I don't know."
Clearly, Trump is calling for President Hillary Clinton to be murdered after winning the election but, before being allowed to appoint a Supreme Court Justice. So, all the furious right-wing obufscation, blame shifting to the Democrats or onto the Liberal Media is nothing but lies.

Now, Trump is not the first Republican to invoke the Second Amendment and call for his opponent to be murdered by a right-wing domestic terrorist, he's just the latest.

Sarah Palin targeted Representative Gabby Giffords in a rifle scope prior to Giffords being shot.

As the prosepct of defeat looked more and more certain for Republican Sharon Angle, she made the call, "And you know, I’m hoping that we’re not getting to Second Amendment remedies."

In 2009, Republican Catherine Crabill as a Neophyte Tea Bagger (i.e. Arch-Traitor Anti-American Neoconfederate) declared, "We have a chance to fight this battle at the ballot box before we have to resort to the bullet box."
Republican State Assembly Woman Michele Fiore, who had a cozy relationship with the Bundyite Right-Wing Domestic Terrorists, declared it's okay to point your firearm at Police Officers and kill them. Of course, with the rather large caveat that the person shooting the Police Officer is White.

Sadly, those same conservatives who were so recently declaring #blacklivesmatter and President Obama were responsible for the deaths of Police Officers, will spare no effort to make false equivalences, minimize, deflect, and justify Trump's clear call for the Murder of President Hillary Clinton. Because right-wing violence and domestic terrorism is coddled and encouraged in this Nation.

But, I'm sure right-wingers are furiously scrounging around on-line to find some obscure blogger who once called for W(orst Potus Ever) to be tried and hung at The Hague, linking to the British made Death of a President video, or taking some comment by a Democratic member of the Government out of context, as proof that Both Sides Do It and after all he's only talking about taking out Killary Klinton whose Body Count stands at 46(+) murdered Americans by her own hand.

I'll leave it to other people to decide if Trump is trying to force the Republican Party to take the nomination from him so as to not face the prospect of a crushing defeat, or if Trump is just so unbalanced that he knows he can say whatever he wants as there is literally nothing he can say or do that will dissuade his rabid pack of right-wing drones from supporting him.

This call for President Clinton's assassination will be met with overwhelming approval and increase his esteem in the eyes of conservatives.

And the media will not treat this with abhorrence and declare Trump can no longer be allowed to run for office, because Trump has set the bar so low they can just chalk this up to Trump being Trump and return to the Clinton Email Controversy and declare both sides have problems. There is no bottom for right-wing despicable depravity. The Republican Party and conservatives have sworn their souls to Trump and will inflict him upon all of Us if they can.

Sunday, June 5, 2016

Lazy Millenials, unreciprocated work ethic, and the right-wing race-to-the-bottom

Listening to Mighty House on WCPT-820 Saturday morning, the discussion turned to how the millenials entering the workforce expect a good job and benefits to be handed to them and are unwilling to pay their dues. Callers and Hosts lamented the lazy, entitled attitude of the younger generation.

This feeling about how the modern American worker is unwilling to do the menial tasks, or expects to much, or doesn't work hard enough is nothing new. Plato expressed dismay at how the young greeks weren't as industrious or studious as the young egyptians.

But, why should any American Worker exhibit unquestioning loyalty to Corporations? Why should a young worker bust his ass, put in his dues with the expectation of reward after achieving a level of seniority? Why would any worker give his time and life over to an American Company? Long ago Employers and Companies broke their end of the deal. Over the last 45 years, "American" Companies have turned their backs on the American Worker and actively sought to undermine the standard of living for every American.

Over at Fortune, Gene Marks tells employers what to do with a long-time, loyal, hard-working, dedicated, 20-year employee; Fire his Ass! Why You're Not a Jerk for Firing a Longtime Employee

So why should millenials or any American Worker break their backs, work overtime, miss holidays, weekends, family get-togethers, when it is incontrovertible that companies will dump that worker, raid their 401k, and off-shore their job as soon as a "Free Trade Deal" allows them too?

This false nostalgia and back-in-my-day bullshit of how American workers used to have can-do spirit and were willing to work-your-way-up-the-ladder should go the way of the private union. When Labor had a more equal footing with business in the mid-20th century, after bloody battles in the 19th and the efforts of America's Greatest President FDR, workers knew their sacrifice and hard work meant they would be rewarded. But, since then the Republican Party allowed itself to become the lapdog guardians of the 1% and began to crush Labor laws and protections.

Before his ousting for being insufficiently orthodox, Republican Eric Cantor was leading the effort by Republicans to ensure Companies could work employees hundreds of overtime hours and then never pay them for that work. Fortunately, that scheme failed and under Obama's NLRB and Department of Labor, other Conservative machinations, like Wage Theft and classifying hourly employees as management, have been severely punished.

This is why Republicans are furious with President Obama. For years the right-wing efforts to get Americans used to less benefits, lower pay, longer hours, and less employment security, while abolishing Unions and worker's rights had been progressing nicely under the direction of the Republican Party. And here comes Obama, ensuring employees get paid for overtime, expanding SSI coverage, increasing wages, and undercutting the right-wing dream of reducing the American worker to mercenary status pitting their time against any other worker in the world in a worldwide race to the bottom.

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Donald Trump continues the Republican tradition of Pissing on Veterans

Donald Trump has scammed Veterans Groups. This is not a surprise because Donald Trump's entire business model is scamming people out of money. Veterans are just another mark for Donald Trump to steal from. But, when called on it Trump executed a standard right-wing pivot and blamed the Media. Of course, pointing this out to the Trumpenproletariet is a useless endeavor. Criticism of Trump serves to reinforce his supporters defense of Trump, especially when the "sleazy" or "nasty" Liberal Media is doing the criticism.

Trump won over conservatives when he began his campaign by appealing to right-wingers sense of victimhood. Trump's blatant racism, mysogyny, and bigotry is what conservatives have yearned to hear for decades. Conservatives are no longer assauged by dog-whistles, conservatives are no longer satisfied with that svelte Southern Gentleman Newt Gingrich saying,
"I’m assuming that there’s some rhythm to Barack Obama that the rest of us don’t understand. Whether he needs large amounts of rest, whether he needs to go play basketball for a while or watch ESPN..." 
It's a reaction by the Reactionaries. While the last two generations of conservatives had to get along with oblique references to racism, 'State's Rights', 'Busing', 'Welfare' and so forth; Today's conservatives have had enough! Today's conservative is very, very angry they've been "shackled" by America's PC Culture and want to go back to yelling Ni[clang], Ni[clang], Ni[clang] while cheering on the police as they choke and shoot black people.

One need look no further than the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), a safe space where conservatives feel free to let their Confederate Battle Flags Fly.

At CPAC 2012, two White "Rappers" Steven Crowder and Chris Loesch at CPAC 2012 laid down a dope rap. When their rap-song "Mr. America" reached it's apex they yelled Ni-[clang], pretending they we're saying “knickers.” Then when the crowd groaned they responded,
"What? Knickers? I can say ‘knickers’ because I wear knickers.” 
Eeriely at CPAC 2013, a discussion panel was entitled: Trump the Race Card: Are You Sick And Tired Of Being Called A Racist When You Know You’re Not One?

Also at CPAC 2013, a spokesman for the Frederick Douglass Republicans, K. Carl Smith, was brought into CPAC to provide cover and excuses to conservative racists in attendence.

While Smith spoke, a conservative named Scott Terry while flanked by his Confederate-flag festooned compatriot Matthew Heimbach, rose to complain the Republican Party was alienating, "young Southern white males" and minorities were "systematically disenfranchising” him and whites. Terry then scoffed when Smith spoke of Frederick Douglass forgiving his former slave masters and replied,  "For giving him shelter? And food?"

Donald Trump has simply removed the filters. His supporters (i.e. Conservatives) are incensed over Political Correctness. This Atlantic piece an interview between Connor Friesdorf and a Right-Wing 22 year old white San Franciso resident covers the entire culture of aggrieved wimpy white victimhood. Here are few excerpts;
  • For me personally, it's resistance against what San Francisco has been, and what I see the country becoming, in the form of ultra-PC culture.
  • I don't know how to describe it, exactly, but I feel in a lot of ways that my identity as a white man is shamed. 
  • If Hillary wins, we're going to see a further tightening of PC culture. But if Trump wins? If Trump wins, we will have a president that overwhelmingly rejects PC rhetoric. Even better, we will show that more than half the country rejects this insane PC regime.
  • But I see this overwhelming PC culture, especially online. I get frustrated by the dialogue of letting immigrants into the country without control, letting Black Lives Matter protest without consequence... 
  • With Hillary Clinton, we have a stable America, sure, but one where we have to police what we say in fear of being fired by an overly liberal manager. With Trump maybe we can restore some sanity to this country and fight back against this PC craze.
While I've gone far afield from Trump's despicable but, typical right-wing use of Veterans the key is nothing is going to dissaude conservatives from voting for Trump. Despite the fact he doesn't possess any of the characteristics (Business success, Military Experience, or strong Family Values) supposedly necessary to be a True Conservative and fetishized by right-wingers. Donald Trump does check off one esstential quality conservatives demand from their politicans; Unabashed Racism. 

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

American Sniper Chris Kyle was a liar as well as a butcher

Perhaps embellisher is the kinder term, but Kyle did in fact murder numerous innocent Iraqis, whom he referred to as "savages", it's just he wasn't awarded for it as much as he claimed. Kyle couldn't rest on those laurels and so he had to concoct heroic war stories for himself and fabricate a whole slew of extra ribbons and awards.

As conservatives are over-whelmingly chicken hawk cowards they know nothing of the military and didn't care anything about the war crimes committed by the Regime of the W(orst President in US History); what they wanted was jingoism, blood shed and the ability to yell at and threaten liberals.

Chris Kyle gave them that and like George Zimmerman, Ted Nugent, or any other conservative "hero", Kyle was beloved because he murdered enemies of the right-wing hegemony and conservatives got a vicarious thrill through his made-up heroics, i.e. Killing innocent muslims and claiming to kill blacks in New Orleans post-Katrina.

Amongst the lies Kyle told was that he murdered 30 people in New Orleans while stationed atop the Superdome and gunning down two "carjackers" in Texas. Of course, I would not put it past Kyle to appoint himself Judge, Jury, and Executioner and murder, but these tales are beyond belief.

Perhaps, I'm being too harsh on Kyle, perhaps his embellishment/lying was a way of coping with his PTSD, with trying minimize the damage war does to ones mind, body, and soul. But, I don't believe so. The circumstances surrounding Kyle's death indicate he was entranced by guns and violence, and contemptuous of those he deemed weaker than himself.

Therefore, I think Kyle considered himself the next Alvin York, Audie Murphy, John Basilone, or Carlos Hathcock and needed to spruce up his ribbon bar. The truth is Pat Tillman was a American Hero while Kyle has more in common with Charles Whitman and he should be remembered in exactly the same way.

Governor Bruce Rauner's Turn Around and Screw Working Class Illinois Residents Agenda

Illinois is now facing the prospect of having gone an entire year without a proper state budget as Bruce Rauner (Ruiner) continues his efforts to subjugate and enslave Illinois workers.

For the last week, vehicle emissions test facilities have had lines backed up for milesWell, I can tell you anyone going to an emissions test station today is going to wait hours and some of the overworked stations are closing because of mechanical problems. When was the last time Ruiner had to go and get his own vehicle registration? When was the last time Ruiner put on his carhartt jacket and drove his truck for a vehicle emissions test?

My job is never "off". I've worked New Year's Eve, St. Patrick's Day, multiple Christmases, and every other holiday you can think of. I don't regularly get normal holidays off. I've had to work overnight shifts and then work parades a couple hours later. I've gone to court at 26th and California on my off days. I don't have luxury time that a man of leisure like Bruce Ruiner does.

Of course, Ruiner doesn't care. He's on a mission to balance the Illinois budget on the backs of the working class. He's on a mission to sabotage the Illinois Government and then proclaim Government doesn't work. He's on a mission to swindle more pension funds from those people he's already stolen so much from. Like all Plutocrats he's on a mission to turn the government into an unresponsive body which only caters to the whims of other Plutocrats.

So, if this screws over working class people, makes them irritated, causes them to miss work, or incur fines from the State, Bruce Rauner chalks that up as a win. Because the more government is hamstrung, the more the Illinois residents believe "government" doesn't work, the more the Chicago Tribune covers for Rauner, the more leverage he has to push through his agenda of turning the Illinois Worker into a Wage Slave.

Friday, May 27, 2016

Hold your own Door, Game of Thrones is such Garbage

"I suppose what they say is true; society is to blame... High Society." - Batman:The Animated Series E:47
Game of Thrones (GoT) the most fawned over TV series currently on-air is nothing more than high society twaddle and great man of history bullcrap.

The latest episode Hold the Door, has been reviewed as one of the best and most emotional episodes, causing the writers to go so far as to craft a fake apology about all the door holding jokes which friends would inflict upon each other.

However, as I continue my hate-watching of this series, I had a different reaction to the story of Hodor origins; Revelusion. The sole purpose of Hodor's entire life is to help Bran Stark become great. That is the message of this episode and the series. Hodor has no goals for himself. Hodor has no dreams. Hodor has no agency. In fact, his whole being and back story is so one day he can be sacrificed for the advancement of the noble life of Bran Stark.

Bran uses Hodor throughout the series, but in this episode we learn that Bran has even gone so far as to kind-of travel through time damaging a young Hodor's mind, so that one day the elder Hodor will sacrifice himself, and Hold the Door against a tidal wave of zombies, allowing Bran to escape and to become the next all-wise, all-seeing great and powerful eldritch sorcerer.

This is a classic viewpoint of the rich and the 1%. This is Ayn Rand's vision of Utopia. The mass of humanity is nothing. The goals, dreams and desires of the Elected Ones are the only thing that matter. Throughout the show we are bombarded with this clap-trap. The only characters with purpose, the only characters with agency, the only characters who matter are rich, powerful, noble. Only those in possession of the Sang'Real can achieve and in their achievement it is right and proper for them to use the bodies/minds/souls of the mass of humanity.

Even charcters once believed to be partially of peasant birth (Jon Snow) are in fact secretly the melding of the two of the most powerful bloodlines. In fact inside one generation of Bran's family we have; The Last Greenseer (the most powerful eldritch sorcerer), his sister Arya  becomes a Faceless One (A Ninja/Assassin with added magical powers), and you-know-nothing Jon Snow is the reincarnated/resurrected/literal Song of Ice & Fire, probably destined to be the Prince who was Promised.

Time and again we've seen the GoT World advanced through the actions and lives of the Rich and those with the proper blood lines. Time and again these characters have been placed in completely foreign lands/cultures only to succeed because of their Noble status or their blood-written destiny.

It's the Great Man of History written with a dollop of fantasy. It's Ayn Rand's Galt's Gulch protagonists blithely living lives of consequence while ignoring those in society dying for their fantasies.

Now, rabid defenders of the show often retort that George R. R. Martin is just writing 'like it was', but when you move on from the glib retort about the time in world history replete with ice demons and dragons, if I wanted to read about honorless betrayal and skullduggery in Late Antiquity or the Medieval Era, I'd peruse Byzantinum by John Julius Norwich, or watch The Crusades by Terry Jones, or if I wanted to read about the despoilation and predation of society by the rich I'd read Open Veins of Latin America by Eduardo Galeano.

Instead people voraciously consume George R.R. Martin's extra rapey repackaged world history, full of quirky names and dragons.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

An Armed Society isn't Polite it's Chicago

"We're getting rid of gun-free zones, okay?" - Donald Trump, the Monstorous Conservative Id
Contrary to the gun-humping fanatics, pithy comment An armed society is a polite society the truth is more guns equals more gun deaths. It's incontrovertible. More guns equals more chances for negligent discharges and more guns equals a more trigger happy, shoot first, ask no questions later, because dead men tell no tales society.

Gun Violence in Chicago shows what an Armed Society would look like.

Unfortunately, aggrieved white people Don't Care. The segment of white society nursed on the angst of right-wing lies will oppose all efforts to curb gun violence, even those they agree with if liberals or Democratic politicians propose them. Conservatives have become so duped and deluded and that they let themselves be lead by the nose by right-wing internet fables and Faux News Lies and actively ignore the toll guns take on society everywhere and believe that it's only The Criminal Blacks in evil Barack Obama Chicago who are getting shot and killed everyday.

They are so enthralled to the cycle of right-wing rage that a small kernel of gun-humping fanatics and the Blood-Soaked Gun Manufacturing Industry are allowed to dictate gun policy, i.e. Guns Everywhere and Unrestricted Gun Violence.

The people empowered by such are the Ted Nugent and George Zimmerman's of America. Flabby chicken shit cowards.

So 33,000+ Americans are sacrificed every year on the Altar of the wholy 2nd Amendment. Guns are going to destroy society.

Unfortunately, we can not look to Congress to staunch the bloody gun violence.

Mainly, because of criminal Republicans, like Senator Jeff Flake of Arizona, who sent a handwritten letter to the mother of a shooting victim claiming that he was “truly sorry” for her son’s death and that “strengthening background checks is something we agree on,” then turned his back on her and voted against the background check bill.

But, also because in the State Legislatures, fear of the Gun Lobby and firearm fucking fanatics screaming the Second Amendment SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED, have made for a cowardly, wishy-washy approach. If a Gun Law is passed it is a clunky, hastily, cobbled together bunch of contradictory nonsense which fails because the bill goes too far in the views of the lunatic fringe gun nutters and disappoints gun control advocates for not going far enough. 

So, it's up to We, The People to do something. And while there are groups out there fighting the proliferation of guns and fighting against the NRA and firearm fuckers they are trying the legislative approach. It became apparent after Sandy Hook and 20 dead kindergarten students that looking to Congress was not the answer, especially when multiple laws were passed in states making guns more accessible.

A more drastic approach is necessary. But, drastic implies risk and harm. However, when you see an armed man marching around do not assume good faith on his part. Assume mass shooting about to occur.

One of the tactics of the Gun Toting Fanatics is too get you accustomed to seeing gun nuts marching around displaying their "manhood". Don't get accustomed. Leave the restaurant. Leave the Grocery Store. Call 911 if need be. 

But, NEVER call 911 and lie that the gun man is threatening anyone or waving his piece around. Conservtives do that. Especially white conservatives when they want the police to respond and kill black people.

This is not going to be easy. This is not going to be quick. But, the mass proliferation of guns, the passage of Stand Your Ground and Murder Laws, Concealed Carry Everywhere and Open Carry in many States is going to make it an up-hill climb against the Evil Republican Party, the gun humping fanatics, and the blood-soaked NRA and Firearm Makers. But, no righteous battle was ever easy.

America must control Guns or they and the stubby-littled vulgar fingers on their triggers will control Us.

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Bathroom predators are predominantly white Republican and conservative men

Transgendered persons are, by far, the targets of insults, assaults, and victimization in bathrooms. Bullies have always recognized terrain suited to their vicious antics. Bathrooms have historically been one of their favored terrains for terrorizing their victims.

Republicans are bullies. Their entire governing style is to victimize those weaker than them. Their Bathroom Bigotry and Religious Restoration Laws are just the latest efforts to use the awesome power of the government to cement into law right-wing bigotry and advance the conservative values of Oppression, Intolerance, and Adulation of the Rich.

Conservatives demand a government which afflicts the afflicted and comforts the comfortable but, they also want free reign and legal cover to harm and oppress people themselves.

All of the Take Back the Country and Make America Great Again rhetoric thinly covers their anger that over the last 50 years the Federal Government has been aiding the poor, minorities, and marginalized segments of society. Aid which was meant exclusively for them!

Like most "Culture War" problems this is an issue which comes directly out of the sick and twisted minds of White Male Republican psyche. Once Republican take up an Oppressive Cause they will fight with every means at their disposal to ensure they make injustice legal and allow their right-wing drones the power to harass and torment those outside mainstream society.

White Male Republicans are forever terrorizing, tormenting, torturing, or sexually abusing people so they have concluded the rest of Society has the same perverted outlook as themselves.

As Republican Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert's recliner proved, "Bathroom Predators" are most often right-wing white males.

Back in his prep school days, just prior to being a Vietnam War Chickenhawk, 2012 Republican Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney beat up fellow students at his fancy prep school, whom he concluded were gay, "He can't look like that. That's wrong. Just look at him!" and decided to enforce right-wing law,
They came upon Lauber, tackled him and pinned him to the ground. As Lauber, his eyes filling with tears, screamed for help, Romney repeatedly clipped his hair with a pair of scissors.
White male conservative have been streaming into Target restrooms to prove that what's happening in their sick and twisted minds is happening in real life. Of course, since these white male conservative terrorists only find each other in the women's restrooms, I'm not sure what conclusion they reach?

But, it's not just white male conservatives who enforce Republican Oppression, listen to this duped and battered "christian" woman march around Target,
"It’s time to stand up and have a voice, instead of bowing to the homosexual, perverted agenda that’s taken over this nation!"
With this woman's manner of dress, diction, hair style and admission she has 12 kids it's obvious she's a member of the fanatically reactionary right-wing Quiverfull community and during her screed, she inadvertently lists whom she really hates; LGBTQ persons not so-called "bathroom predators".

A woman, who had cut her hair short and donated it to Locks for Love, a company which makes wigs for children cancer patients was confronted by a white male conservative in a Connecticut Walmart bathroom, "You're disgusting! You don't belong here!" The man screamed in erudite terms he culled from Donald Trump's magnificent press conference speeches, after concluding she must be a transgender person.

In Kentucky, another conservative man saw a woman with a short haircut, put on his Morality Enforcement Badge and beat her up for looking too masculine. The beaten up woman reported the man yelled at her he was going to 'beat her like the man she wants to be' and 'people like her make him hate the world'.

In Chicago a white man with a solid republican hair cut and proper masculine conservative clothing hid in a Jason's Deli restroom and choked an 8 year old girl unconscious until the girls mother and other customers tried to stop him. The white man then attacked officers after being arrested. Conservatives immediately began to lie about the incident because they have to, none of the bathroom predators are transgendered instead they are predominantly white conservative males.

These incidents are going to increase because the Republican Party is giving legal cover and tacit approval for their conservative bully-boys to form their own Vice Squads to keep the LGBTQ society in check. And they are gleefully rubbing their hands together at the fervent hope this will whip up their right-wing drones into a voting frenzy for the upcoming elections. The peevish, flabby jowled never-missed-a-meal, coke-nostril Republican Lt. Governor of Texas Dan Patrick adamantly believes Hillary Clinton will lose the 2016 Presidential Election by trying to stop Republicans from empowering white conservative male bathroom predators.

Because that is what's going on here. The people stalking and attacking people in bathrooms are all white conservative men and Republican Voters.

Friday, May 13, 2016

Donald Trump is the Conservative Id. All Right-Wingers are belong to TRUMP

Make America Great Again - Donald Trump's Red Trucker Hat
 "Why would I want to say no to the circus? I like circuses," - Newt Gingrich May 2016, auditioning to be the Dick Cheney to Donald Trump's W(orst President Ever).
 I began this post last August, and it's sat in my drafts for 9 months. I thought Trump was running to promote himself and his "brand". Being a shrewd and crafty grifter Trump correctly deduced the Republican nominating process was a windfall of free 24 hour media coverage and publicity. I wasn't convinced he'd do better than Rudy Giuliani in 2012. Now, I wonder if we'll ever find out what Trump's real plan was or as his Grand Illusion became reality if he decided to take the Republican Nomination.

Donald Trump successful campaign says a lot about conservatives in America. Besides, validating everything the Left has been saying about the misogynist, racist, bigoted right it shows how easily they've been swayed time-and-time again by grifters, carnival barkers, moral hypocrites, and devious Vulture Capitalists. Additionally, as the Republican Party has begun their traditional summer march to fall in line behind their candidate it once again proves the Republicans place Party over Principle and the Plutocratic Agenda over the American People.

Donald Trump is the Vox of the Monstrous Conservative Id. Whether he believes what he says doesn't matter. He's simply tapping into the Right-Wing Populist angst of the white working class. Some of this angst is a self-inflicted delusion and some of it comes from being cast aside by Cut-Throat American Capitalism. But, the white male conservative wants a government which specifically, harms people who are non-white, immigrants, female, LGBTQ, Unionized worker, or simply poor.

Whites (predominately white males) long ago allowed themselves to be bought by the 1%. The wealth of Europe and the United States (the so-called 1st World) stemmed from robbing other Nations, Peoples and citizens of their wealth. In order to turn a blind eye to the atrocious evils perpetrated purposefully by Plutocrats and to believe the utter falsehood that Cut-Throat Capitalism raised living standards, white men allowed themselves to be bought cheaply.

Even today Vulture Capitalists play fancy numbers games on balance sheets and call themselves financial wizards. And if you think such crushing dehumanization of other peoples ended during the reign of Belgian King Leopold II and his monstrous slave farm in the Congo you are fooling yourself. Paul E. Singer, staunch member of the Plutocracy often engages in debt repayment schemes to "make money". But, while his PR firm states, "He believes deeply in the rule of law and that free markets and free societies depend on enforcing it," in reality Singer like all modern day Vulture Capitalists is a Viking. He raids foreign lands, pillages and burns everything, makes off with their goods and calls it Capitalism.

The names and organizations have changed but the IMF and other international Agencies exist for the express purpose of stealing money from poor people and consolidating it in the hands of the Plutocracy.

But, while in the 1940's and 1950's the American Plutocracy made common cause with white men in order to quell dissent from blacks, hispanics, women, and liberals however, time and demographics have blunted the power that white conservative males exert. Thus beginning in the 1970's, and rapidly proceeding since then, the Plutocracy has broken their Social Contract with white conservative males and been treating them the same way they treat workers from everywhere else; cattle and chaff.

Trump is a member of the Plutocracy, but has always been an weird outlier amongst a group made up entirely of weird outliers. Trump's whole campaign is based on tapping the deep well of anger bubbling up in various groups of white America, fomented by decades of conservative media lies about President Obama (or President Clinton or LBJ before him) helping blacks by screwing over whites.